Saturday, October 22, 2011

Learning 2.0 Activity #8 - Zotero

Zotero rocks!  I haven’t used any citation management software or services before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but after downloading the Firefox add-on, it was easy to add things to my library.  So far I see two challenges/drawbacks for Zotero (and if I’m mistaken, please point it out – I’d hate to miss all the functionality of this tool): no mobile app, and no way to publicly share only selected file folders instead of either your whole library or nothing.

I also created a group, although I admit I have to read up more on how to utilize this tool (it wasn’t as intuitive as I thought it might be).  Please visit and help me to test this out.

Zotero seems especially useful when researching on multiple computers (for example, at home, work or at a library).  The search features also would be a huge benefit – not only can you search on headlines or content but also on the notes that you add!

I will definitely utilize this tool for future research, possibly for personal reading materials as well, if there’s a way to share only part of your library.

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