Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inaugural Post!  
Just finished the 7 and a half habits of lifelong learning, and found that they are pretty applicable to most areas of life, not just the acquisition of knowledge or skill.  Our Learning 2.0 activity is to blog about the easiest or most challenging habit personally.  Easiest is, well, easy - #2 Accept responsibility for own learning.  I don't hesitate much when there's something I'm interested in, I sign right up!  Mine is a two way tie for most difficult - #3 View problems as challenges and #7.5 - Play!   While I can (usually) look at a problem from a logistical point of view and figure out how to solve it, it normally just feels like a huge weight instead of an enlightening experience, but I'm working on that. And although practical and pragmatic get things done, it would be nice to have some fun along the way, so I definitely have to work on that. 

1 comment:

  1. Nice name very creative. I agree that #3 is difficult I also have trouble seeing my problems as a fun challenge rather then an evil blockade of inconvenience. Maybe we can work on this together, or maybe we should avoid it so we don't play off one another.