Saturday, September 10, 2011

Something library related - Learning 2.0 Activity #2

2nd post- Laptops are now almost routinely part of libraries. Accommodating these devices must be kept in mind when designing library space. The renovations in the UB Cybrary across from Lockwood does an excellent job with allowing space and access for laptop users.  Here's the link to my photolibrary in Flickr


  1. I liked the thinking outside of the box here. Not just taking a picture of books for your library related post. Libraries are really changing and its nice to see you incorporate that in your post.

  2. I like how detailed you were in your explorations of photo sharing sites. It is good to be able to evaluate the different benefits and drawbacks to such things. I also appreciate the importance of your recognizing the role of laptops and technology in today's libraries. You make an interesting point that space for lap top uses must be allocated. I am curious as to how the use of terminal computers vs laptop computers will affect libraries in the future. Will the laptop become as common as the cell phone, making banks of computers obsolete?