Sunday, September 18, 2011

Learning 2.0 Activity #3  Podcasts!

I remember a couple of years ago reading about iTunes U and how many Ivy League schools were generating podcasts of their classes for students.  Not being an early adopter, and being a student who tried to take notes during class and only miss a class when absolutely necessary, I didn't see the the use of these audio podcasts.  To me, it was the equivalent of bringing a tape recorder to class - I just didn't see the point.  

Now that I have an iPod (yay - I just joined 2005!) and a car that makes it easy to listen to, I can see subscribing to podcasts to listen to in the car, or on the bus, or waiting for the dentist.  I'm still not 100 per cent sold on  listening to academic lecture podcasts, but I could definitely see the advantage in downloading or subscribing to these audio podcasts to listen to at my own leisure - like catching up on NPR programs (for this activity I listened to an On Point Books interview with author James Miller ) - or downloading podcasts to listen to as audio tours when visiting buildings, maybe even a tour of your library 

A quick google search brought up this site with library-related podcast links - one caveat is that all of the links don't appear to be live/updated/working.  But there are definitely some cool podcasts here showcasing different ways audio podcasts can be utilized by libraries - tours, readings, author visits, book reviews, and more! 

Hmmm, maybe I could get into this podcasting thing... 

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